The Longest Weekend

This would be the freshest anyone would look all weekend. Just a few hours after this football game halftime performance, all 172 band members, plus staff and boosters would board charter buses for the six hour trip to St. Louis in order to participate in the Bands of America super regional competition at the Edward[…]

Band Member of the Week

(click on a picture to see entiregallery) OLIVIA MCMILLAN Bass Clarinet (Section Leader) ************************************************************* PERSONALS Age: 17 Classification: Senior Career Plans: Plastic surgeon or OBGYN doctor Hometown: Olive Branch Favorite Academic  Subject: AP English Favorite Music Genre: Mix of everything Hobbies: Reading,  writing Church: St. Paul MBC Last Book Read: “Lord of the Flies” Band[…]

Desoto County Exhibition 2007

The  second annual Desoto County Band Exhibition was held at Olive Branch High School on Thursday, Sept 27th. Seven bands from the local area, plus the Famous Maroon Band of Miss. State University took to the field to strut their stuff before an admiring crowd. You can see photos of the evening’s activities by going to the[…]