BAND MEMBER OF THE WEEK Kyle Anderson-Baritone(16Oct06)

Name: Jason Kyle Anderson Nickname: Kyle

Age: 18 Classification: Senior


Instrument: Baritone


Hometown: Olive Branch (Originally from Colorado Springs, CO)


Band Longevity: 7 years


Favorite Aspect of Band Life: “The competitions and concert season.


Prospective Career Field: Undecided


Plans After Graduation: “College, two years of missions, ROTC in college.”


Mother’s Name: Lori Anderson Occupation: Raising six kids


Father’s Name: Roger Neal Anderson, Jr. Occupation: Pilot

Siblings: Allison(21), Brett(18), Trevor(15), Trenton(11), Sydney(9)

Current Favorite Tunes: “Evil Angel” (Breaking Benjamin), “Tribute” (Tenacious D), “Jenny Was A Friend” (The Killers), “Endlessly She Said” (AFI)

Hobbies: Reading, Xbox

Church Membership: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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