Brett Anderson – BariSax (25Sept06)

Name: Jeremy Brett Anderson Nickname: Brett
Age: 18 Classification: Senior
Instrument: Bari-Sax (Section Leader)
Hometown: Olive Branch (Originally born in Colorado Springs, CO)Band Longevity:Seven yearsFavorite aspect of band life: “The friends you make and experiences you have.”

Propective career field: Air Force Pilot

Plans after high school graduation: “College, mission for church, finish college in ROTC, then join Air Force.”

Mother’s name: Lori Occupation: Raising six kids

Father’s name: Roger Occupation: Pilot with Fedex

Siblings: Allison(21), Kyle(18), Trevor(15), Trenton(11), Sydney(9)

Favorite music style: Punk and Country

Current favorite tunes: “Build God, Then We’ll Talk”, “Mr. Midnight”, “Pretty Girl”, “Desperado”

Hobbies: Guitar, Books, Video games

Church Membership: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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