Band Member of the Week
Erin Shepherd – Mellophone (2Oct06)

IMG_3873Name: Erin Maria Shepherd
Age: 18 Classification: Senior
Instrument: Mellophone

Hometown: Olive Branch

Band Longevity: Eight years

Favorite Aspect of Band Life: “Performances”

Prospective Career Field: “Registered nurse or detective”

Plans After Graduation: “Go to college and join a ‘study abroad’ program”

Mother’s Name: Marilyn Occupation: Secretary

Father’s Name: William Occupation: Accountant

Siblings: Kristina Winter (35)

Favorite Music Style: Jazz

Favorite Tunes: “The Kill” and “Attack” (30 Seconds to Mars), “What Hurts the Most” (Rascal Flatts), “Sad But True” (Metallica)

Hobbies: Band, Horseback riding, Hanging out with friends

Church Membership: Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church

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