What do September, cows, auctions, flea markets, barbequed animal flesh and a high school band all have in common? They are all a part of the upcoming second annual “Band Aide Day” fund raiser for The Pride of Desoto Central Marching Band.It all began in the summer of 2005 when, upon deciding to accept an invitation to march in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, the band boosters realized that they needed a way to raise a lot of funds quickly. After a little brainstorming , the idea for an all day outdoor fair began to take shape. Eventually, the event was christened “Band Aide Day” and a committee, led by band mom Suzanne McDonald, was formed to begin the monumental task of bringing it all together in a relatively short period of time. The event proved highly successful, raising more than $60,000, and providing a large portion of the needed funding for a successful trip to the west coast Yule parade.

band aide day pic1 2005

Suzanne McDonald waits expectantly for the results of last year’s “Cow Patty Splat” fundraiser

band aide day pic2 2005

Robert McDonald supervises the cooking of the BBQ chicken in last year’s highly successful Band Aide Day

In fact, Band Aide Day 2005 proved so successful, that the supporters of the state champion Pride of Desoto Central Marching Band are planning a repeat event to be held this month on September 30th at the campus of Desoto Central High School. Like the 2005 affair, booth space is being made available for the open air flea market where local vendors will be setting up shop and selling a host of crafts and other merchandise. Radio personality Brad Carson, of the Brad and Dana show on 94.1 The Buzz, will be doing live remote broadcasts throughout the day promoting the event on the radio. Food vendors will also be present, along with a live band, and students (or anyone else) will be able to take a shot at drowning their favorite school faculty member in the dunk tank. Moms and dads will be able to freely shop or take in the day’s activities after dropping the kids off in the supervised children’s area, where the kids will enjoy playing on the half dozen inflatable amusement pieces that will be set up. Band Booster members will also be cooking and serving barbeque pork plates, which can be purchased by the general public in advance by contacting Gayle Wofford at .
The band boosters will be sponsoring a silent auction and “Cow-a-Dunga”. The silent auction will include hundreds of items donated by local businesses94.1 the buzz and individuals. Teams of students were assigned to collect items for the auction corresponding to 16 different themes such as “Movie Night”, “Gardening”, “Tailgating” just to name a few. Also, several dozen collectables and items of paraphernalia representing all of the local major universities will be available for bidding. The “Cow-A-Dunga” event is a new take on last year’s highly successful “Cow Patty Splat”. Students are currently selling grid squares on the school soccer field. On Band Aide Day, a local cow will be released on the field to “mark” a spot the only way a cow can. When it is determined which square (or squares) bore the brunt of the cow’s deed, the appropriate ticket holder stands to win up to $10,000.
This year’s receipts will go toward funding the band’s trip to represent Mississippi in the Fiesta San Antonio parade in San Antonio, Texas in April. Interested individuals or business can help by donating auction items, materials and equipment. Also, booth spaces are available for purchase by businesses or individuals until September 22nd. This will be a great opportunity for exposure to the community, due to the large crowds expected. For more information contact Suzanne McDonald at 662-893-5980, by email at, or go to the band’s website at, for more information.

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