Everything you might need to know about Band-Aide Day!

I am sensing a lack of enthusiasm over Band-Aide Day. I was told it may be because we are just overwhelmed with everything going on. I would like to take this chance to help clarify some things and hopefully answer some of your questions. I realize we do not yet know where we will be going on our trip nor do we know the cost. But let me tell you from past experience when the trip and cost is announced you will probably be scrambling to earn the money for you student to go. Do not miss out on any opportunity we have to earn money for your child’s account.

DSC05026 In order for your child to receive part of the “POT” from Band-Aide, you must donate to the auction and your child must work a minimum of 2 hours. The “POT” will consist of all money made from the auction, booth fees, concessions, children’s area, and plate lunches. Last year we were able to give each student $150.00. This year we are hoping to do more! We can not do this with out everyone’s cooperation and help.

Lunch plates consisting of a barbeque pork sandwich, beans, and slaw, will sell for $5.00. No drink included. These will be sold as a pre-sell. Contact Gayle Wofford for tickets. Her home number is 901-405-1416. Please sell to your neighbors and co-workers so we can try to draw a huge crowd. Take out plates available. Serving will begin at 11:00.

Silent Auction: Please turn in your item form ASAP to attention of Sherry Wilhelm or Tania Garrard. We are asking for one item of a $25.00 value. You do not have to go buy a $25.00 item. You might be able to purchase something on sale with that value or a business may donate something for you. BE CREATIVE! Do not bring items to the band hall until September 28th or 29th. Auction begins at 11:00. Any questions contact Sherry at Home: 662-895-6707 or email Tania

Booth spaces available. Any money earned at your booth is your money. The band does not ask for any of it. The band only asks for your booth fee. Download an application and turn in to the attention of Suzanne McDonald. Home: 662-893-5980, cell: 662-312-0327, if any questions.

DSC04990 All band students are required to work a minimum of 2 hours. All parents are needed to help work also. Contact Chris Urlacher to sign up to work. Home: 662-253-5503, cell: 662-812-6996.

If anyone has connections getting slaw, baked beans, forks, and knives, donated please contact Candy Morgan at home: 662-349-7166, cell: 901-490-7466.

Any questions regarding Cow-A -Dunga should go to Kelley Benson at Home:662-893-4674, cell: 901-494-1960. $7.00 dollars of each ticket sold goes to your child’s account.

Please, if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact any of the people listed above. You can always contact Paula Garavelli, our PRESIDENT, and she can direct you to the appropriate person. You can reach her by phone at 901-230-5008.

Thank you,
Suzanne McDonald

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