Lindsey Tillison

Color Guard
MVC-015SIt is said that variety is the spice of life. For Lindsey Tillison, an always-smiling tenth grader from Nesbit, variety IS life.Born in Denver Colorado to Joe and Brenda, Lindsey moved to North Mississippi when she was just three years old, and enrolled at Desoto Central as a fourth grader. After hearing that a stringed instrument course would be offered during her sixth grade year, she signed up. Already a student of the violin, being a member of a string group seemed a good way to build her skills. However, before the school year started, the course was cancelled and Lindsey was automatically put in the band program. After over four years of performing with The Pride, she has no misgivings about her decision to stick with the band. Although she has been a dedicated flute player (originally she wanted to play trumpet, but a new set of braces got in the way) this year she decided to try something new and perform as a member of the color guard.

Even though she derives great satisfaction from her role in the band, relatively speaking, it is one of the more mundane aspects of Lindsey’s life. Her interests are many and point to a desire for living life to the full. She studied gymnastics for 12 years, “But I recently got out of gymnastics, and now I am looking for other stuff to do,” Lindsey said. With a new license, driving has become something of a passion lately. When asked if she was driving yet, she immediately responded, “YES! Hallelujah! I love driving!” she exclaimed. “I’m a very independent person,” indicating her new found love for being out on her own on the open roads. Other favored activities include frequent phone conversations with her dad, who lives in California. “I also volunteer at my church a lot. My church is so awesome,” she added in describing her enthusiasm for the folks at Longview Heights Baptist Church, where she works with young children on Sunday nights and does “…the whole youth group thing.” A licensed scuba diver since she was 12 years old, Lindsey looks forward to each opportunity to go exploring underwater. “Me and my mom [were licensed] together,” she explained. “We go on one or two diving trips a year…but my favorite place to go is Belize.” In describing a diving experience off the Central American coast last summer, it was obvious that this was Lindsey’s most memorable dive. “It was so pretty. I saw so many different species…it was just really cool!”

That experience has also spawned an interest in a possible career as a Marine Biologist. “I would probably want to study deep sea animals, but I’m not sure,” said Lindsey. She is hoping her current high school class in Marine Biology will help her to narrow her focus somewhat, or maybe go in a completely different direction, like International Relations. As a member of the school’s International Club, she is learning about other countries and cultures, and developing an interest in that field of study as well.

Lindsey’s desire to get out and begin testing her independent spirit will play a big role in any decision concerning career choices, however. Even though she has a few years to go in high school, Lindsey is already looking down the road to college as a chance to test the waters of living on her own. “I don’t want to live in Mississippi,” she explained. “I want to go somewhere else….live abroad.” And in keeping with that desire, she is leaving open all of her options in selecting where to go to college. “I want to go to an Ivy League school, or something like the Marines or Air Force [Academy],” she added. The chance for worldwide travel is what makes a life in the military an attractive option for her. “I am not really sure exactly what I want to do…I’ll let God decide what I’m going to do,” Lindsey said in expressing that she is really leaving all her options open.

Gymnast, student of the violin, flute, and piccolo, color guard member, new driver, scuba diver, budding marine biologist and diplomat, and church volunteer-all of these describe the diverse life of Lindsey Tillison. If variety truly is the spice of life, then wherever life takes her, she already has most of the ingredients in hand to make it a life worth living.

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