The Pride Takes to the Airwaves

Representatives of The Pride Promote Upcoming Fund Raiser for Hollywood Parade Appearance

94_1buzzvisit Getting up early during the summer break is not something high school students are used to, but five members of The Pride of Desoto Central Marching Band got up with the chickens on Friday, July 29th to take advantage of a rare opportunity.

Band mom Sherry Wilhelm took the lead as chief spokes person for the band and along with Homer Lancaster, (now officially known to everybody within radio range as “The Voice of the Jaguars”) utilized a few minutes of air time to pitch the up coming “Band Aide” fund raising effort at Desoto Central High School. Brad Carson, 94.1 FM morning show host and program director asked questions surrounding the upcoming Hollywood Christmas Parade in which The Pride has been invited to participate as one of only 14 high school bands outside the state of California. The Band Aide fund raiser will serve as a primary means of generating income to support the band’s trip in November.

After introducing the students, Charlie Young closed out the segment by performing a jazz rift on his ever-present alto saxophone (he must sleep with that thing!).

If you missed the opportunity to hear the live broadcast, the entire sound bite from the segment can be heard by clicking the player below. Thanks to Brad Carson for graciously making available a copy of the entire interview.

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