Your 2011-2012 Colorguard is……

Amanda Billingsley, Carley Butler, Ashley Crick,  Bailee Davidson,  Stephanie Donovan, Hallie Earwood, Hayley Estes, Elizabeth Hayes, Madison Hayes, Ashley Hendrichovsky, Carley Jones, Mary Knight, Anna Massongill, Samantha McGregor, Gillian Oakley, Miranda Redden, Caroline Reid, Kelli Rutherford, Katie Smith, Mikki Stephenson, Bekah Stout, Brennen Swift, Bobbie Thomas, Samantha Weaver, Jordan Weeden, Tori Wilegus, Katie Williams, Ciara Wilson


Abby Bowden, Kathy Munoz, Tori Perkins

Alternates are subject to change based on progress and improvement over the summer.
All members are subject to alternate status as well.
All members need to meet at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, May 10th, in the High School Band Room.

Download full list here

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